Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life as you and make me triple hating you now.

How could I love you baby? You're making my world so so fucking boreeeedd as you come and go without I noticing that. What the hell you think you are baby? I'm so fucking tired with all the tricky game you put on me. Please end everything before me,myself with the M word let go everything. Please do not make my life more pathetic than before honeylove.I'm over it sayang,really am.As you come and go what about you just go? I don't really need you. Hate you a lot dear love mr.assignment. A lot and I mean it. 

P/s : Sir,I have an idea,what about assignment without deadline? B/c I think I'm going to commit suicide already with the tons of assigment you're giving to me dude. -.- * Wish I have a guts to say like that. :D

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