Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taylor's University College Are Awesomeee!

Hey peeps,looking at the title you know what am I talking about.Haha,serious I'm totally liking the places.Damnn,*cool gileeeee that place.Thumbs up baby,thumbs up.Yes,maybe you think that the college way too expensive to study there but I bet you will fall in love when you look at the view of the college.How cool is the place is baby.Damn cool.Seems like I don't have the camera with me,this is the view of the college.We went there for supporting KPTM's students for public speaking participants.Well then,it is fun there.Having a lot fun with hana,reff,nat and the rest of the supporters.Sorry if didn't mention your names,sometimes people keep forgetting names.Hihi,even so tired but I am so speechless doooo.Serious,haha how damn great the structure of the building.Well then,congratulations to Zarwah and Zikha b/c qualify for second round.Guess what? As supporters we also will get prizes muhehe.I do enjoy it now! :D Haha,so tired with talking and typing.See you later then readers.xoxoxoxoxo.

The coolest viewww ♥