Saturday, August 21, 2010

Newborn :)

Heyy peeps,this is my first time writing for my own blog.Errr,not the first time maybe for the hundred time I'm doing this.What the heck I'm lecturing about. -.- Okay,back to what I have in my mind.Hmm,as usual we as human that have been taught how to be polite we should introduce ourselves or else people called us 'no manner punya orang'.Heee,yes let me start on this whole thing.Well,I was named as Nur Faatihah Binti Amdan and I'm still yet seventeen now.I do not love writing but I'm trying to with having this blog.I love being myself and also how gaga am I.Not to tell you that I am proud of myself but yes I am glad to be me indeed.As a teenager who have that shitty and lovely heart in the same time I would like to inform you guys that what I'm talking about through this blog is based on what I know and how I felt.So for who are not interested to read you may dislikes my blog as you like.Who did not enjoy what am I talk about,please and please no hard feelings on me muhehe.I loveeeedddd to talk craps even I know it's not good but my friends make me too.*I love you guys!xoxoxo* :D So,this is newborn of mine to make my journey better than before.Hope you liked it.To dear readers,I'm sort of creepy but have a good heart.Hehe,please make yourself liking my blog and waste your time reading it loud! :D

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